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All products posted on my blog have been purchased by me. 
If I am sent anything by a company I will state this in the post or mark it with an asterisk (*). Regardless of whether I have bought something myself or it has been sent to me, my opinion will always be 100% honest.

All opinions expressed are my own and do not express the views or opinions of anyone else.

Please note that when it comes to certain products what works for me may not necessarily work for everyone. Just like clothes, what fits me may not necessarily fit you, but we all try things on! This is just what works for me and therefore I am sharing with you. I have used a lot of products in the past that were recommended by others but they didn't always work for me, which is fine. It takes a lot of time, trial and error to find things that work perfectly for you, so just be patient and always do your research!

All photos posted on my blog are my own. If you would like to use my images please ask for permission beforehand. If you repost any of my images on social media please make sure you give credit.

All my social media accounts are linked on my blog along with my e-mail address.
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